Ireland Touch Series is a club league, of one day tournaments, culminating in Grand Finals vying for the coveted Liam Carroll Memorial Cup.

The ITS will run as follows:

Round1, May 26th, WICKLOW Touch, Event manager: Dave Neiland Round2, June 30th, SANDYMOUNT Touch, Event manager: Dawn Smith Round3, Sept 8th, GALWAY Touch, Event manager: Conor Slack Finals, endSept/early Oct, DUBLIN, Notes:
– Mixed only
– Min age 16, Max age – no limit
– Full F.I.T. rules apply
– 3 to 4 games per series (one day tourney)
– 3 separate venues hosting three one day tourneys over the year.
– A Grand Final to decide the overall winners
– A DTS (Development Touch Series) for social/beginner teams will run in parallel on the same dates/venues


Wicklow Rugby Club
Ashtown Ln, Ashtown,
Wicklow Town,
Co. Wicklow,
Google map:

Divisions                  ITS Mixed Open, DTS Mixed Open
Team Registration fee:   €10 per player (includes lunch)


Tournament Agenda
10:00   Round games commence
Fixtures:  ITS DTS Round1 Fixture Draw

Club facilities          Wicklow Rugby Club is a fully licensed club with changing and shower facilities.  There is ample car parking.

Tournament information from David Neiland (Wicklow Touch)


By way of FURTHER clarification, player registration & disclaimer acknowledgements will take place on the day, but for convenience & to avoid any unnecessary delays or complications, please find attached herein the following documents:

  1. Team & Player Registration & Disclaimer Form – This is essential & will be required by Wicklow RFC for any & all participants to play on the day.
  2. ITS & DTS Match Timetable (Many thanks to Brian Leveau who without his massive contribution in time, effort & commitment would have made the ever changing drafting of this timetable impossible – thank you Brian). 

N.B.       I would respectfully ask & strongly encourage ALL team managers & or captains, to organise the signing of the registration & disclaimers forms and of course, the collection of fees from their players, preferably in advance of their arrival & thereby make the registration process of the players easier for everyone on the day.  All we need, is the completion of the attached ‘Team & Player Registration & Disclaimer Form’ completed & signed by each participant, attaching the appropriate €10 fee per player.

On receipt of the above, we will  then issue the relevant level of lunch vouchers to the ‘Team Managers’ for distribution to the teams.

Please remember, Wicklow RFC will be providing steward car parking, changing facilities, toilets, full bar & a barbeque on the day.

We will also provide a match ball for each pitch & will in addition, have multiple sets of bibs for teams without team shirts or colours.

I have confirmed this with the club & the players €10 contribution, will not only cover player registration fees for the day, but it will also cover a barbeque lunch voucher.

(N.B.  Subject to availability, the lunch voucher entitles the bearer to a choice of a chicken fillet or Beef burger & side salad).

N.B.       The Club have also confirmed that they will try to cater for non-playing spectators & will provide additional lunch vouchers for only €5 per person.

(Drinks of course, may be purchased separately at the bar)……Sop please feel free to invite family & friends.

I may also confirm that we will have 2 x Touch pitches on the day to cover all the matches.
If anyone should have questions or queries, please feel free to contact me directly on my mobile:  087 2645457.
Hopefully we’ll all benefit from some of the famous south east weather & sunny climate J.
Trusting the above is in order, we really look forward to hosting the first round & hope to see everyone there.


Old Belvedere Rugby Club

Google map:

Divisions                  ITS Mixed Open, DTS Mixed Open
Team Registration fee:   €180 per team

Tournament Agenda
10:00   Round games commence
Fixtures: Draw: ITS / DTS Fixture Draw


Cost: €180 per team – please let us know your team numbers by Wednesday as we need to know these for catering purposes.

Catering: we are not providing lunch per se, but there will be a bbq starting at 3pm to coincide with the last matches

Times: The schedule is being drawn up, but we anticipate the last games to be at or before 4pm

Football World Cup Quarter Finals: These will be shown in the bar from 3pm

Showers: Available in the club house until 6pm

Please fill out and bring the Player Registration Form, there will be a strict no pay – no play policy.


The ITS are full 40 minute games with full FIT rules.

The DTS are 20 minute games (we’ve NINE clubs entered which is fantastic) to allow us get through the fixtures.

Points system:





Each club will need to provide a player ref.



Rory Hickey it the tournament organiser.

Each host club will appoint an event manager for the round they are hosting.


Nomination fee          Must be paid in full.

Registered players     A team may register 16 players for the tournament with a maximum of 14 participating in any single game.

Indemnity Form        All players MUST complete and sign the team indemnity form before they participate in their first game.  Players who have not signed this form are not permitted to take part on the day – it is the captain’s duty to ensure that all players have done this.   I’ve attached a form for you to print in case you want to get a head start before Saturday to get this signed.

Under 18 Players       Any players under the age of 18 must have a responsible adult to supervise then during the tournament.  Contact the Event Coordinator prior to the tournament so arrangements can be made for the indemnity form to be signed by the player’s parent or guardian.  Players will not be permitted to play without the signed indemnity form.

Mixed Teams              F.I.T. Rule 5.2  Mixed Gender Competition. In mixed competitions, the maximum number of males allowed on the field of play is three (3) and the minimum male requirement on the field of play is one (1) and the minimum female requirement on the field of play is one (1).

Tournament Rule        A male player who is 60 or over in 2017 may count as a female player in the social mixed only.  A team may count a maximum of 2 of these players towards the required 3 females. Such players must wear different coloured shorts to assist the referees.

Playing Rules             All games will be played according to the latest Federation of International Touch (F.I.T.) rules.
Touch Playing Rule

Referees                     While we are confident of supplying referees each team is requested
to provide one referee per team entry.

Playing Attire.   All players shall wear the same uniform with clearly defined numbers unless stated otherwise in this document.

Footwear              F.I.T. Rule 3.3.  Safe footwear must be worn. Shoes with screw-in studs or cleats are not to be worn by any player. Light leather or synthetic boots with soft moulded soles are permitted, provided individual studs are no longer than thirteen millimetres (13 mm) in length, the measurement being taken from the sole of the boot<strong>. </strong>

Jewellery            Remember to remove jewellery etc. prior to playing.  All teams will be checked.

Alcohol                 Any player who consume alcohol during the tournament will be immediately suspended from the tournament.  As the tournament is held at a licenced premise, no alcohol may be brought to the venue and all alcohol MUST be purchased from Host Club and consumed within the licensed premises (the clubhouse).


Medical insurance is the responsibility of each player or team. Please make sure that all your players are covered by some form of medical insurance, as this is not provided by the tournament.


We will have a medical team present on the day.
  A medical kit, plus AED including qualified First Aiders will be present at Tournament Control for emergency purposes only.


Tents              You may erect your own tent on the day.

Water            Please ensure to bring extra water if necessary. There is a drinking water tap available
near the clubhouse for bottle refills.

Be tidy         Please tidy up after the day and leave your area as you found it (e.g. remove your own rubbish, etc.)

Security         Do not leave any items visible in your vehicles or leave valuables in the venue.  The ITA or the host club will not accept responsibility for any loss.

Weather         We hope you all really enjoy the day. Fingers crossed the sun will come out for us but please ensure to check the weather prior to travelling and bring appropriate clothing.   It’s advisable to bring own team gazebos/tents where possible