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What is Touch

  Touch football was established as a sport in South Sydney in the late 1960s as a non-contact off season fitness regime for Rugby League players. The game today has changed considerably from the original version but it has firmly established itself as a global game with 27 countries attending the 2011 Touch World ... More

To all ITA members

Our newly elected President, Rory Hickey, promised on election that he would issue a letter to all members outlining his plans for the ITA during his tenure. To see that letter please click on the attached and have a read. Letter to ITA members You can contact Rory, or any other member of the committee as follow... More

2016 European Championship Selection Trials

We are just over Christmas and New Year period and already there is much to look forward to for 2016. The first major activity is the selection of the teams for the 2016 European Championships. This year places great demand on Ireland Touch committee, coaches, managers, referees and players as we field junior teams (under ... More

Womens Over 27 for 2016

The purpose of this post is to put together some information that may help you prepare for the trials in Jan of next year. Time between now and then is shortand the time after trails is alarmingly short (5 months) so I think it important that players get themselves prepared for what is to come. Fitness: It will be the ... More

Level 1 Referee Course

Ireland Touch will be presenting a level 1 Referee Course on Saturday 12th April. Classroom based 09:30 - 15:00, practical to follow. Please register with Ruth - for information & to put your name down, spaces are limited. secretary@irelandtouchassociation.com More

Intermediate Level Coaching Course

The I.T.A. will be conducting a level 1 coaching course in Galway on the 7th and 8th December. The F.I.T. Coaching Commission has recently updated the coaching course material which now includes: F.I.T. Coaching Manual (228 pages) F.I.T. Intermediate Coaching Course Workbook   (22 pages) F.I.T. Playing Rules ... More

Home Nations Women’s Open Team

Here is a nice photo of the Ireland Women's Open Team at the recent Home Nations Tournament [one_third last="no"] [/one_third] [two_third last="yes"] [/two_third] More

Playing Rule 14: Obstruction

RULE 14 - OBSTRUCTION 1 Attacking Team. Players of the attacking team are not to obstruct defending players from attempting to effect a touch. A player in possession must not run or otherwise move behind the referee or other players in the attacking team in an attempt to avoid a touch. Obstruction here is defined as a deliberate attempt by an attacking player to gain an unfair advantage by preventing a defending player from effecting a touch. RULING - A penalty awarded to the defending team at the mark where the infringement occurred. 2 Defending Team. Players in the defending team are not to obstruct or otherwise interfere with the attacking players supporting the player in possession.
SITUATION 14:5 The player in possession uses an offside retiring defender as a “shield” preventing him from being touched by another defending player. Is such action deemed to be an obstruction ?
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