To help develop the game of Touch, the Ireland Touch Association is committed to develop all aspects of the game.  This includes leagues, players, coaches, referees and administrators.   To this end and in conjunction with a number of partners and affiliates, in particular the Federation of International Touch (F.I.T.), association conducts a number of courses.

Course Dates

Dates Course Cost Details Register
TBC Coaching Presenter Course TBC
19th May 19:00 to 22:00
20th May 9:00 to 17:00
Intermediate Level Coaching Course €50  Course Details Register
 TBC  Level 1 Referees Course  TBC  Course Details
 4th Quater 2017  Advanced Level Coaching Course  TBC


Coaching Courses

  • F.I.T. Intermediate Level Coaching Course

    The F.I.T. Coaching Commission has recently updated the coaching course material which now includes:
    F.I.T. Coaching Manual (228 pages)
    F.I.T. Intermediate Coaching Course Workbook (22 pages)
    F.I.T. Playing Rules Book (2013 Edition) (55 pages)

    The full details are:
    The course is conducted over 12 hours with a combination of presentations and practical outside assessment.
    The course covers:
    Introduction to Coaching,
    Role of the Coach,
    Individual skills,
    Sub Unit Skills,
    Improving Performance,
    Fitness for Touch,
    The Junior Athlete,
    Team Skills,
    Game Sense,
    Safety and Injuries,
    Rules of Touch,
    Practical Observations & Assessments.


  • F.I.T. Coaching Presenters Course

    This course qualifies a coach to present F.I.T. coaching course and qualify coaches.
    The coaching course that a presenter may deliver depends on two pre-requisites:
    1. Coaching accreditation (intermediate or advanced) and;
    2. Completion of the Presenters course.

    Coaches may be exempt from the Presenters course based on their profession (e.g. Teacher).

    A Presenter who is an Advanced Level Coach my deliver the following coaching courses:
    1. F.I.T. Intermediate Level Coaching Course;
    2. F.I.T. Introductory Level Coaching Course.

    A Presenter who is an Intermediate Level Coach may deliver the following coaching course:
    1. F.I.T. Introductory Level Coaching Course.

    Who should attend:
    1. F.I.T. Intermediate Level Coaches
    2. F.I.T. Advanced Level Coaches

Referees Courses

  • Level 1 Referees Course

    Course consists of:
    classroom theory;
    followed by basic practical.
    (practise and full match assessment required to gain official L1 referee status)

    Recommended for:
    all players,
    coaches and
    those embarking on full-time refereeing